MINES ParisTech mobilizes a team of researchers and external experts and provides all the resources and infrastructure necessary for the functioning of the Chair; which is animated by the Centre for Robotics through the team presented hereafter.

delafortelleArnaud de LA FORTELLE  

As titular of the Urban Logistics Chair, he is responsible for the strategic choices and main orientations. Arnaud is Director of the Centre for Robotics a MINES ParisTech. He is also titular of the Chair Drive For All (in the field of autonomous vehicles). In his research, he first studied the theoretical properties of probability distributions with applications to queue networks. He then applied this knowledge to vehicle networks with particular attention to cybercars and has also been interested in communication issues for distributed systems. Currently its main subject of interest is that of cooperative systems, especially applied to automated driving and its impacts in a smart city.

tamayoSimon TAMAYO  

As president of the Urban Logistics Chair, he is responsible for leading its main projects and tactical orientations. He is a lecturer-researcher at MINES ParisTech where he is also deputy of the MS MISL program (masters degree on industrial management and logistics systems). He is responsible for the courses “Operational research applied to industrial management”, “SAP ERP systems” and “Stochastic methods applied to logistics”. He is an expert in decision support and optimization systems, applied to the planning and organization of industrial and logistics systems. He is the author of the book «Recherche opérationnelle appliquée à la gestion industrielle» (ISBN  978-1530248728).

gaudronArthur GAUDRON  

He is a research engineer and project manager at the Centre for Robotics of MINES ParisTech. He is interested in the development of optimization tools in the fields of  Urban Logistics . Arthur develops models and simulations to study the impacts of logistics flows and regulatory/infrastructure decisions on topological configurations of urban areas. He is particularly interested in the integration of cartographic and economic data with the physical flow logics used by logistics professionals.

fontaneFrédéric FONTANE  

He is director of the MS MISL (masters degree on industrial management and logistics systems) and co-director of the Production and Logistics Systems specialisation at MINES ParisTech. At the same time he is Director of Education and Research at the EMINES – School of Industrial Management at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Ben Guerir, Morocco). He participates in the work of the Chair as an expert on the problems of Manufacturing and Supply Chain. He is interested in projects of experimentation in real size and in particular the role of the public authorities in the urban logistics.


Intern within the Chair, she finichses her studies by doint a graduation project between UC Berkley, Supaéro and Mines ParisTech PSL. His project focuses on Deep Learning applied to the diagnosis of urban flows. His work seeks, on the one hand, to build a database of images of different City Logistics vehicles (Ligth-duty, Medium-duty & Heavy-duty); and on the other hand to the create classifiers for the detection and counting of these vehicles. These classifiers are created using the principle of transfer learning.

Augustin LOMBARD 

Engineer from École polytechnique and MINES ParisTech. He works on a research project on the optimisation of vehicle routing problems, and more specifically the VRPRDL (Vehicle Routing Problem with Roaming Delivery Locations). His project, within the Urban Logistics Chaire proposes a mathematical model of the VRPRDL and a numerical optimization in which he performs a benchmark of meta-heuristic tools in order to find the best-adapted method for this type of problem.


Administrative and financial manager of the Urban Logistics Chair and the MS MISL. Myriam ensures the administrative and financial follow-up of projects carried out by the Urban Logistics Chair. In particular, she coordinates the administrative organization of the major events of the Chair (courses, missions, symposia, etc.).